Chelsea FC – Newcastle United 3:1

Chelsea beat Newcastle United in the 15th round and at least temporarily moved to the second Manchester United. After a weaker entry into the game, Hazard, Morata and Hazard again took care of the home goal and secured a 3: 1 victory.

However, the third team did not score well in the match, in the opening minutes was particularly lax in the defensive, and after twelve minutes it was punished for it. Gayle pushed Christensen back and hit a long ball for Murphy, who gave him an incentive, and then kicked Newcastle forward in scrum, kicking Alonso ball so unfortunate that Murphy found himself alone in front of his goalie. Courtois, though, jumped his thighs, but the balloon bounced Betclic best online betting back to Gayl, who was then very comfortable in the net.

However, the home team responded in the best possible way, greatly increased the effort and created the chances of not letting wait long. A few minutes later he found Fabregas with his Hazard pass, but in a separate raid the goalkeeper hunted it. A minute later, Rüdiger found another balloon for defending Morat’s offside but the assistant’s flag remained below, and the Spanish striker was then fired by Darlow, but Pen’s penalty shot did not spit.

Twenty minutes after the center of Kanty, Christensen stamped a stick, but a few seconds later, however, the homemanship was well deserved. The fluffy balloon of the defense turned away from the scorers only to Hazrd, who knew the tips in the penalty area and burned everything from his first touch.

Shortly after half-hour of the game, the score turnover was completed. The long ball turned Ritchie only to Moses, who did not expect anything and sent a limp into the lime, which found in a small lime Moratu, which had a very easy task. By the end of the Unibet free bets online half-time, he still threatened to miss Drinkwater’s midfield distance, but the goal of the whole team did not fire.

Christensen immediately defeated Christensen for the defense of Moses, whose center turned away at the last minute to the corner kick of Clark. After another ten minutes, he fired from the mid-range Hazard, and his protruding bullet shone just beside the right stick. Twenty minutes before the end of the game, Drinkwater was backed by Hazard again, but he could not finish in a tricky position. Fifteen minutes before the end, the final decision came – Fabregas perfected the perpendicular to Moses, who was at the ball before Ritchie, who was fouled in the penalty area – and so the penalty was kicked. Eden Hazard stood up and Chelsea sent a two-pointer lead.