West Bromwich Albion – Crystal Palace 0:0

A fair division of points ended the duel between the beating West Bromwich Albion and the better playing Crystal Palace. Both teams have created some opportunities to score a goal, and The Baggies newly led by coach Alan Pardew might have been a slightly better team, his opponent certainly did not lag behind him.

The home side worked their way through the middle 8 minutes into the match, but Robson-Kanu took a shot from the left that landed harmlessly in the side of the goal. His teammate Rondon was also trying to focus from his distance but Speroni’s terrible attempt was easily tampered with.

17 minutes after Barry’s corner kick, Ahmed Hegazi missed the bar. Then, then, the guests were threatened twice. First of all, the situation in his own lime was completely complicated by goalkeeper Foster, who played with a balloon as if he were on training, but in the end, the invading Zaha could not punish.

In the 21th minute Zaha was able to finish off, his attempt to wipe out defending Evans and ended up just next to Foster’s sanctuary. The conclusion of half-time was clearly one of the visiting striker Bentek. First he had to take Foster from the angle and then he had to cope with his header on the corner kick of Townsend.

In the second half, the WBA only crawled into shooting opportunities. But he would get his opponent under some kind of permanent pressure, that certainly can not be said. Three minutes after the change of sides, Field appeared on the back pole, but his attempt was able to block Ward defender. He did not make Speroni alone Rodriguez.

After an hour of play, it was on the right side to try Rondon, but Speroni did not get caught on plums, and Field did not hit the bar. Twenty minutes before the end he fired for a nice combination of Robson-Kanu, but here Speroni did not hesitate, and then after the center of Nyom headed just outside the rattling Rondon.


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