Stoke City – Swansea City 2:1

Stoke City managed first of all the first half, in which he turned the unfavorable development of the match to his side, and rejoiced after two defeats in a row of three points, the last victory he celebrated at the end of October. Swansea, on the other hand, continues to make a loss, and has lost sixth in the last seven league games.

Last year, the mutual duels of both of these opponents ended with a victory for the home team, and this was not the case at all. The Swans at least finally broke the series without a record-breaking hit for 431 minutes, but Wilfried Bony did not manage to score a success because the opponent struck Xherdan Shaqirim and Mam Diouf.

The Welsh Club did not engage in this encounter at all. With 3 minutes on the left, Martin Olsson was able to clear the ball to Bonyho in the penalty area, but in a rather difficult position overcame Butland. Diouf, Allen and Shaqiri tried to answer soon, but their attempts were not accurate.

There was still a lot of balance on the pitch. 32 minutes later, Bony was again making his mark, but he did not head between the three rods. Then he would turn on the home for a higher turn and his opponent could not react to this fact. Crouch could already score, cleverly wanted to defeat Fabian’s goalie, but failed.

He did not have to worry too much, because in 36 minutes the The Potters had found their way to the goalie. Swansea’s quirky kickbacks took Allen to a perpetual pass on Shaqiri, and he was comfortable targeting. Four minutes later, the turn was completed, for Diouf took advantage of the purposeful balloon crashing head from the high Crouche.

The second act did not offer the next goal, the guests were not productive in the first place, and the chances were a poster. Perhaps just Martin Olsson, his opponent, scared the corner, but Butland counseled. On the other hand, Stoke City was not far from the state, but Diouf finished off in the 67th minute.


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