NAC Breda – SBV Excelsior 3:1

Breda finally broke out of her lately unfriendly series, after seven games without a three-point win, she made a home win at Excelsior and beat him in a 3: 1 ratio. In the highest competition table she left the descent positions and is the fifteenth with twelve points. In the Sunday match she kicked two penalty kicks and they both turned. The Rotterdam club lost for the third time in a row and is tenth with seventeen points.

NAC for the first time was in the 9th minute when Angelino elegantly snatched up the defenders Mattheije and close up in the fall pulled closer construction. After less than a quarter of a game, goalkeeper Kristinsson fired at the midfield ahead of him, and Corte pushed the ball across the bar. Breda eventually used his pressure in the 24th minute when Massop literally “embraced” his opponent in his own sixteen and received a yellow card.

Thierry Ambrose stood in the penalty area and headed for the right stick. Kristinsson did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans. Then nothing essential happened until the end of the opening act, three minutes after the break, played a second home kick. This time Faes has clearly defeated Ambrose, who himself fouled the ball to the penalty spot for the second time in the match and turned him even more cold-blooded than in the first half.

On the other hand, Kristinssona’s play was disheartening. The visitors could see their score 66 minutes into the game, reducing to Mike van Duinen. The twenty-six-year-old striker elegantly wrapped around his opponent and then fired a shot from twenty-two meters, his attempt set to the left-of-the-way construction away from goalie Bertramse. Seven minutes later, Angelino could return Bordo’s two-line leadership on the other side.

The twenty-year-old Spaniard fled to the left flank and eventually attempted at a moderate angle, the right rod missed just a few decimetres. NAC had the third goal in 77 minutes and finally calmed down. In Paolo Fernandes, not even after two minutes on the pitch, he used the recordings from El Allouchi and fired fourteen meters hard. Kristinsson’s balloon hit the ball but he still pushed his back to the net.


Chelsea FC – Newcastle United 3:1

Chelsea beat Newcastle United in the 15th round and at least temporarily moved to the second Manchester United. After a weaker entry into the game, Hazard, Morata and Hazard again took care of the home goal and secured a 3: 1 victory.

However, the third team did not score well in the match, in the opening minutes was particularly lax in the defensive, and after twelve minutes it was punished for it. Gayle pushed Christensen back and hit a long ball for Murphy, who gave him an incentive, and then kicked Newcastle forward in scrum, kicking Alonso ball so unfortunate that Murphy found himself alone in front of his goalie. Courtois, though, jumped his thighs, but the balloon bounced Betclic best online betting back to Gayl, who was then very comfortable in the net.

However, the home team responded in the best possible way, greatly increased the effort and created the chances of not letting wait long. A few minutes later he found Fabregas with his Hazard pass, but in a separate raid the goalkeeper hunted it. A minute later, Rüdiger found another balloon for defending Morat’s offside but the assistant’s flag remained below, and the Spanish striker was then fired by Darlow, but Pen’s penalty shot did not spit.

Twenty minutes after the center of Kanty, Christensen stamped a stick, but a few seconds later, however, the homemanship was well deserved. The fluffy balloon of the defense turned away from the scorers only to Hazrd, who knew the tips in the penalty area and burned everything from his first touch.

Shortly after half-hour of the game, the score turnover was completed. The long ball turned Ritchie only to Moses, who did not expect anything and sent a limp into the lime, which found in a small lime Moratu, which had a very easy task. By the end of the Unibet free bets online half-time, he still threatened to miss Drinkwater’s midfield distance, but the goal of the whole team did not fire.

Christensen immediately defeated Christensen for the defense of Moses, whose center turned away at the last minute to the corner kick of Clark. After another ten minutes, he fired from the mid-range Hazard, and his protruding bullet shone just beside the right stick. Twenty minutes before the end of the game, Drinkwater was backed by Hazard again, but he could not finish in a tricky position. Fifteen minutes before the end, the final decision came – Fabregas perfected the perpendicular to Moses, who was at the ball before Ritchie, who was fouled in the penalty area – and so the penalty was kicked. Eden Hazard stood up and Chelsea sent a two-pointer lead.

Stoke City – Swansea City 2:1

Stoke City managed first of all the first half, in which he turned the unfavorable development of the match to his side, and rejoiced after two defeats in a row of three points, the last victory he celebrated at the end of October. Swansea, on the other hand, continues to make a loss, and has lost sixth in the last seven league games.

Last year, the mutual duels of both of these opponents ended with a victory for the home team, and this was not the case at all. The Swans at least finally broke the series without a record-breaking hit for 431 minutes, but Wilfried Bony did not manage to score a success because the opponent struck Xherdan Shaqirim and Mam Diouf.

The Welsh Club did not engage in this encounter at all. With 3 minutes on the left, Martin Olsson was able to clear the ball to Bonyho in the penalty area, but in a rather difficult position overcame Butland. Diouf, Allen and Shaqiri tried to answer soon, but their attempts were not accurate.

There was still a lot of balance on the pitch. 32 minutes later, Bony was again making his mark, but he did not head between the three rods. Then he would turn on the home for a higher turn and his opponent could not react to this fact. Crouch could already score, cleverly wanted to defeat Fabian’s goalie, but failed.

He did not have to worry too much, because in 36 minutes the The Potters had found their way to the goalie. Swansea’s quirky kickbacks took Allen to a perpetual pass on Shaqiri, and he was comfortable targeting. Four minutes later, the turn was completed, for Diouf took advantage of the purposeful balloon crashing head from the high Crouche.

The second act did not offer the next goal, the guests were not productive in the first place, and the chances were a poster. Perhaps just Martin Olsson, his opponent, scared the corner, but Butland counseled. On the other hand, Stoke City was not far from the state, but Diouf finished off in the 67th minute.

West Bromwich Albion – Crystal Palace 0:0

A fair division of points ended the duel between the beating West Bromwich Albion and the better playing Crystal Palace. Both teams have created some opportunities to score a goal, and The Baggies newly led by coach Alan Pardew might have been a slightly better team, his opponent certainly did not lag behind him.

The home side worked their way through the middle 8 minutes into the match, but Robson-Kanu took a shot from the left that landed harmlessly in the side of the goal. His teammate Rondon was also trying to focus from his distance but Speroni’s terrible attempt was easily tampered with.

17 minutes after Barry’s corner kick, Ahmed Hegazi missed the bar. Then, then, the guests were threatened twice. First of all, the situation in his own lime was completely complicated by goalkeeper Foster, who played with a balloon as if he were on training, but in the end, the invading Zaha could not punish.

In the 21th minute Zaha was able to finish off, his attempt to wipe out defending Evans and ended up just next to Foster’s sanctuary. The conclusion of half-time was clearly one of the visiting striker Bentek. First he had to take Foster from the angle and then he had to cope with his header on the corner kick of Townsend.

In the second half, the WBA only crawled into shooting opportunities. But he would get his opponent under some kind of permanent pressure, that certainly can not be said. Three minutes after the change of sides, Field appeared on the back pole, but his attempt was able to block Ward defender. He did not make Speroni alone Rodriguez.

After an hour of play, it was on the right side to try Rondon, but Speroni did not get caught on plums, and Field did not hit the bar. Twenty minutes before the end he fired for a nice combination of Robson-Kanu, but here Speroni did not hesitate, and then after the center of Nyom headed just outside the rattling Rondon.

Istanbul Başakşehir – Ludogorec Razgrad 0:0

Turkish deputy commander, Istanbul Başakşehir, went to Belgian Bruges in the third leg of the Champions League, but he did not get to the base of the European League. In a duel with the Bulgarian champion he was considered a favorite, but in 90 minutes he was unable to score a single goal and with Ludogorcz Razgrad he broke with ease without goals. In the heavy qualifying group C he recorded an unexpected loss, on the contrary, guests will definitely take the point.

The home team entered into the game with great determination and the lead came in the 12th minute. A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Epureanu slip through on the right and was very close to protecting the visitors’ right side, but his shot from the right glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net. Ten minutes later, for the first time, the biggest offensive star Ludogorce, the experienced twenty-two-year-old Brazilian Wanderson.

Goralski released Cicinha on the right wing, and with his soft waist he found the head of Wanderson. Bautista’s Babacan was shown a yellow card after 85 minutes for slicing down an opponent. In a further three minutes he presented himself with a beautiful action from the half of the Lukoki course and worked his way to a dangerous shot, but Babacan pulled out of his repertoire another great procedure and the ball went over the top pole.

After the change of sides, the Turkish unit was pushed to the end. In the 50th minute, the star-shaped Tugan striker Emmanuel Adebayor showed his skillful goal to score captain Belözoglua, but the prominent goalie Broun did not fire. Approximately after an hour of play, Broun hesitated at the turn and offered a chance to Mossor. The Brazilian midfielder shot from a sharp angle and Broun was lucky to have been hit by the ball.

As time went on, both teams concentrated more on the defensive and did not push the attack so much, the Istanbul club bore a final pass. The guests were in their best chance for the second act a quarter of an hour before the end, but Cicinha did not have any goal parameters and the balloon flew about a meter above the bar. Başakşehir is coming to Braga in the next round and a tough nut waits for Razgrad to try to surprise the German Hoffenheim.

TSG Hoffenheim – SC Braga 1:2

Neither the assistance of the Czech representative Pavel Kadeřábek at the only Hoffenheim kick did not help the German team to be successful. He did not manage to catch the breaks of the first and Unibet second halves, which made Brass turn to an unfavorable turn. Die Kraichgauer did not help even better statistics of holding the ball.

The very first shot on the goal was produced by Joao Carlos, but goalman Baumann was quite safe with this situation. In the 23: th minute, the home side was awarded a penalty. Demirbay, on the left, pulled the center on the Unibet back pole, where Kadeřábek screamed the ball from the volleyball pitch for him in the bar.

A few moments later, Hoffenheim was on the lead. The whole situation was Kadeřábek again, who fell to sixteen, but immediately rose, sent a gentle curve on the Wagner’s head from the right and he directed the ball to the nearest stick. Wagner then burned again, but this time he did not score the space Unibet online betting promotions between the three rods.

In the 37th minute, Braga could actually win the second time, but after Schulz’s long pass, Kramarič ended up with a defeat of Matheuse. At the end of the half-time, guests hit virtually their only chance. Ricardo Esgaio sent a free kick in high over the penalty box.

The visitors clearly kicked this goal and managed to score Unibet once more. Ricardo Esgaio limped off the field and was able to cool the ball to Dyego Sousa who elegantly slotted it past the left wing. Braga has been dragging herself since then and in the final she has held the toughest possible lead until the final whistle.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann’s team showed a worse performance in the second half than the first. Schulz only directed his attempt after an hour, but Hübner’s head was able to liquidate Matheus. In the 77th minute Kramarič did not hit the Unibet corner and he finished off from the difficult position just outside.

BSC Young Boys – FK Partizan 1:1

Bernanian football players could not confirm the role of a moderate favorite against Serbian Partizan, and in the home environment they split up with a 1: 1 ratio, which is a point loss for them. The first half was particularly interesting, where both goals were scored during the opening quarter and the spectators had more openings. The guests in the second act showed a responsible performance in the defensive and the point definitely deserved.

The home team had more of the game and dominated the field, on the other hand, Partizan did not hesitate. The lead came out of the first major event of the Thursday match, Marko Jankovic enforced eleven minutes later. The host goalkeeper Stojkovic first set off the Nsame bomb and sent his selection to a quick break. After the pass from Tošice, Jankovič scored just twenty-two years old, who went straight from the twelve meters to the nearest rod.

Three minutes have not passed, and the Swiss team has compared the status. After a brilliant midfield from the right wing, Assalé’s defense sent a ball soaring up the middle on a counterattack, which was neatly put away by Christian Fassnacht and it was a little flat among the ball, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the frame of the goal. About twenty minutes later, Partizan could again send Jankovic to the lead, this time heading off near the far post. BSC burned a huge tweak in the 25th minute.

After a corner kick, the ball bounced off the assault shoe of Assal, and he faced Stojkovic’s face, but he could not get close to him. In the next two minutes, Nsame threatened, his shot was shot at the corner. Even more, Young Boys got to 29 minutes due to Stojkovic’s hesitancy, after a clever lob he became the savior of the Serb team, and Ostojič headed the ball into the safety line up the goal line.

In the course of the game, the game was reassuring and both defenses started to work much better. The situation has not changed even after the break. Although Bern was more likely to be half of his opponent, he only made one goal. In the 70th minute, Sow shot Sow, Stowkovič was a great break. BSC will travel to Albania for fourteen days and compete with Korce, FK will welcome a highly favored club from Ukraine – Dynamo Kyiv.